Photographer Christina sends us this interview with volunteer Steve, from the September 13, 2014 Bicycle Exchange Workday.  Photo credit to Christina:

Father and two children repairing a bicycle

Steve is a first time volunteer for the Bike Exchange. He heard about the Bike Exchange through an internal Google email seeking volunteers. He regularly dedicates his weekends to volunteering with his children and had just gotten back from an electronics exchange project. His morning started at 6am!! He believes in teaching his children to give back to their community through volunteering.

They have also volunteered for local farms and many other projects. He thought that the Bike Exchange would be a good change for his children to learn new skills. The children brought their own bike, that they've outgrown, to repair and donate for other children to use. They were able to learn about how the different bike parts work with each other and get their bike in good enough shape to get the coveted GREEN tag. They worked fast enough that they had time to restore a second bike!


Man repairing a small bicycle