KatieLSVBE folks and especially all you Googlers out there, welcome the newest kid on the playground, Katie L. A native of the Lone Star State, Katie was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. During her first 18 years, Katie stayed busy by playing soccer and earning a brown belt in karate. Then it was off to the Big Apple, New York City, where she undoubtedly saw and did things she would never have imagined back home. She attended Kings College there, studying Business Management.

Having graduated with her degree, she spent the next 5 years on the East Coast in Philly and D.C. working for Boeing. Realizing that she wanted to pursue her education further, she enrolled in an MBA program at the University of North Carolina. After getting her degree she decided to move out to California where she currently lists Redwood City as her home. Six months ago she landed a job at Google. She loves the work and even is willing to don her propeller beanie from time to time. In addition to work, this go-getter has recently signed up for a class in improv.  Perhaps she can do a set for us one of these days at the Rusty Chain Ring, our bistro.


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