carolinaI love my job, especially when I get to interview someone as engaging as Carolina L. She is the latest addition to our Wednesday crew.  

Carolina has done some traveling. Her father is an engineer and has moved with his family for work a few times. Born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, she moved to Seattle when she was two, then three years later to Florida. At age six the family moved back to Brazil to the tiny hamlet of Belo Horizonte (population 2.5 million, 6th largest city in Brazil.) Three years later it was on to São Paulo, and then finally to Mountain View where she is a high school student and hopes to stick around a while. 

Carolina loves to surf. Her favorite place for catching waves is Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz. She also loves riding her bike. She rides to school, to piano lessons, and on the Shoreline trails. At the bike shop, I spent time mentoring her and could see that she is definitely into the mechanical stuff. She intends to be a regular member of the crew. Asked what her plans are for the future, she says she wants to get a broad education and then see what happens. That sounds like a great game plan to this old jack-of-all-trades. 

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