Nikolay KostyaOn September 7th the Bike Exchange had its semi Annual Bike sale. I have never seen so many people intent on buying a bike from us. We had a line 6-8 deep waiting to hand us money practically from the time we opened. I guess the word has gotten out that there are some fantastic deals to be had. All true!

As I tried to do my best Ralph Sport Sport (of Sport Sport Motors) imitation, a big bear of a man introduced himself to me. Nikolay and his son Kostya are originally from Moscow. They moved here to the states when Kostya was three and now live in Palo Alto. Kostya is in the 5th grade at Baron Park Elementary school.  

Back in 2017, They bought a unicycle from us. It took Kostya all of three weeks to learn how to ride it and a couple of years of practice to become an expert. Eager to show off his skill, he disappeared around the corner for a moment and came back with a 5 ft tall “Giraffe” model which he proceeded to demonstrate. He rides it to the library and around town impressing his friends who think it is awesome.

This kid even has his own Youtube channel called one wheel first where he demonstrates his skill. He also juggles and is a member of the Stanford juggling club. The next challenge this youngster has put for himself is to learn coding, a very useful skill here in the valley. Personally, I’m betting he winds up running Google by the time he is 25.

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