kevin bikeLately I have had a number of conversations with our volunteers from the Veteran’s Administration. They are all great folks and worth getting to know.  Today I sat down with Kevin. 

He grew up in San Jose, was a Life Scout, and attended junior college where he went through the EMT certification program while working at Home Depot. At age 27, he joined the Army and became a medic.

During his time in the service he was stationed in Afghanistan in Ghanzi Province and the Andar district among other places. Fortunately he made it out of there in one piece but back in Cali he fell on rough times and wound up homeless for a while. 

He eventually hooked up with the Veterans Administration, which got him into housing, and started on the road to recovery. It was there he met Rebecca and through her was introduced to the shop. 

Kevin has become a regular here, always willing to help out and to share his knowledge with others. He is a long time rider and enthusiast and has a bunch of bikes, including a Specialized Langster track bike. 

When not helping us at the shop he enjoys riding around San Jose and going on the Bike Party rides.  Sometimes, life deals you a few bad hands. Kevin is proof that if you stay in the game the cards can start to run in your favor again.  Glad to have you aboard, brother.  

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