Bicycle Exchange volunteers lunch break last Leghorn workdayOn Saturday, Dec. 1st a group got together to sort through our inventory and cull out some of the things that we were never going to use. Then, we packed everything into new crates and hauled it over to the new digs. 

Some things, like tires, had already left, but there was still tonnage to go through. I worked with 2 other volunteers on derailleurs. One box each for road and mountain bikes, front and rear. Then I went into the warehouse and packed up chain rings, crank arms, and complete assemblies. Some of it was so old the dates were written in Roman numerals.  

Outside, everyone was busy sorting and packing and tossing away.  Then we stopped for lunch. Lots of folks brought tasty treats and casseroles and we ordered a few pizzas. A sumptuous feast was had by all. 
Join us in Palo Alto this month! We hope everyone had a great holiday season.


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