gordonGordon and I have known each other since I first started volunteering at the Bike Exchange about 5 years ago. I have known him as a quiet, somewhat reserved individual who is always there when something needs to be done and is a dedicated member of the team. He serves on the board of directors and, among other things, is our designated eBay seller and sale bike Pricer. As he frequently says, “we have fun and we make the world a better place”.

There is much more to this remarkable man though.

Born in Southern California, Gordon has had a lifelong association with bicycles. During high school he was an avid cyclist, often riding 30 miles to the beach with his friends. In 1978, with the LA Wheelmen, he did a double century (200 miles) ride in record time. When he came north to attend UC Berkeley, he became a founding member of the Berkeley Bike Club. Over the years he has done extensive touring, including from Portland, Oregon to Washington, D.C. on the Trans-America Bike Trail.

Gordon Eventually received a Ph.D. from Berkeley in Computer Science and settled in the South Bay working for various startups. While working for Adobe Systems in 1993, he discovered the recently founded Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange and has been a volunteer here ever since.

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