dougDoug has been volunteering for the Bicycle Exchange for over 15 years. He often works behind the scenes checking our inventory of bike parts and purchasing parts from different suppliers to keep what we need on hand to fix the bikes. You'll also see him fixing bikes on our workdays and sometimes doing checkout in a yellow vest. 

Doug likes to ride his Rivendell road bike and has another for camping, packing his tent, sleeping bag, etc... in panniers and hitting the road for the northern coast. He also builds bikes on his own for friends who have a hard time finding bikes small enough to fit well. And his talents extend to making guitars. He currently making one of walnut, African blackwood, cherry, lapis, and turquoise. Next time you see him at the Bicycle Exchange, ask to see his photos - you will be amazed at how he takes pieces of wood and materials to form such a beautiful instrument.


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