volunteer patrickPatrick is a true coastie, born in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. His family moved to Livermore in 1953, where he grew up in what then was a beautiful rural part of California with miles of cattle ranches and not so many people.

Like many others he served in Vietnam. In his case it was flying helicopters for the army from 1971 to 1972. Returning after his tour, he enrolled at San Jose State and got a degree in Geology and then went to work for the U.S.G.S. He later moved to Mountain View where he worked for defense contractor Watkins/Johnson and eventually became a manufacturer's representative in electronics sales.

Now Retired, Patrick has time to indulge his hobbies, which include surfing and classic bicycles. His main rides are a 1984 Serrota and a 1974 Holdsworth. He also is a VW bus guy who has owned a few, including a 1989 Westphalia camper. He knows Colleen and others in the group and started volunteering regularly this year. Welcome to the family Patrick!

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