Thursday, Oct. 6 was a special work day where we hosted a group from Adobe Systems at the bike Exchange.
Alison organized the  event  from the Adobe side  (Jack Miller, as always, set things up on our end) and your humble reporter was able to sit down with Alison for a few minutes during the lunch break to find out a bit about her and about the Adobe group .
Alison hails from Windsor England and grew up living around the corner from The Queen and Elton John, with whom she frequently had tea.
In 1997 she tired of hobnobbing with the toffs and came over on the boat to the colonies. Having discovered the promised land, she went to work here in the exploding tech industry and eventually found herself  at Adobe systems where she works and plays today. 

Alison is a devoted biker. When she wants to get serious she rides her Trek Madone road bike. For neighborhood duty she has a 1972 balloon-tired Schwinn with a basket named Charlotte, which she dearly  loves.
Alison tells me that Adobe really supports cycling. There are group rides, workshops, and bike-to-work days. The senior management even has sponsored organized rides for customers.
There is a company  wide  bike club  with chapters at different locations. There is a club ride on the 3rd weekend of every month with the goal of making friends. And importantly, at the end of each ride  there is always some great nosh.
The Bay area chapter was represented Thursday by 14 people who came to fix  bicycles. In all they turned out 8 completed bikes, a very good result. They also brought coffee and lunch. And, Adobe gave the Exchange a nice check to help further the cause. 

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