In light of the health guidance provided March 5th by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department to address novel coronavirus, the Bicycle Exchange will limit event size and encourage outdoor work. The guidelines recommend keeping greater than an arm's-length distance from others.

At the Bicycle Exchange workdays, we will adapt the way we work to follow these guidelines, including:

  • Limit to one person per repair stand, two people per workbench;
  • Consider working outdoors. We have tables and shade canopies for this purpose;
  • Prepare to be turned away from a workday if we run out of volunteer space;
  • Continue your bicycle repair volunteer work at home, by taking on a homework project;
  • As always, if you are sick please don't attend a Bicycle Exchange workday.

Please cooperate with the event leader to help everyone stay safe.

Contact us for help arranging your own small volunteer bicycle repair event.

Check this website, our newsletter and our social media to keep up with Bicycle Exchange's guidelines as the coronavirus epidemic continues to evolve.