The bicycle is the perfect sustainable transportation vehicle, especially so during this global pandemic when public transportation is compromised and car payments are difficult. Whether it’s for essential jobs, critical errands, or volunteering to help neighbors, the bike is an invaluable tool in surviving this health crisis.

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The Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange (SVBE), Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), and most recently, GreenTown Los Altos have teamed up to offer essential bikes to essential workers in need of transportation. It’s a #BikeMatch program, inspired by New York’s Transportation Alternatives' initiative, but expanded to include bikes that aren’t in perfect working order.

Can’t afford a bike but need one to get to your job or to get around? Fill out our form and we’ll try our best to match you with a bike. Update: Currently demand far outpaces supply, which means we cannot fulfill all requests but will reach out if we have a good match.

Have an unused bike? If it’s in perfect working order, we’ll match you with a recipient. If it needs a bit of work? No problem, that’s what SVBE does! We’ll refurbish the bike and give it new life. We’ll make an appointment for your drop-off. 

Want to help with the effort? You can make a donation to cover the cost of bike parts (the average bike we refurbish requires $40 in parts). Or you can help us tune-up the bikes by taking a few home to work on.

Join our #BikeMatchSV program as a recipient, donor or volunteer through the form below. Don't have a bike or mechanic skills? You can support our project through a monetary donation

The embedded form giving you trouble? You can also access it directly here.

Donate to keep this project rolling.