Volunteers Learn Mechanical Skills Hands-On

While many industrial arts classes are no longer available in our schools, youth can join us to learn mechanical skills in a festive environment at our 50+ weekend events. Tech workers throughout silicon valley can take a break from their desk jobs and enjoy a fun team building environment centered around a bicycle repair stand. Our events draw from over 26 different groups and businesses including National Charity League, Scouts, Stanford and Google.


Numbers are one way to measure impact. The SVBE has been donating bikes since 1993. We started keeping our records in Google Docs in 2006. The chart below provides an up-to-date total of our donations to various organizations since late 2006.

Cumulative Bicycle Donations chart

Diverse recipients

The Bicycle Exchange donates bicycles to a wide range of non-profit service organizations that support a diversity of impacted populations across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Our 12+ recipient organizations serve disadvantaged children, homeless children and adults, immigrants from various countries, veterans, day workers, and families in economic, legal, and substance abuse recovery.

Testimony and Observation

One way we measure impact is through the happy faces of volunteers and recipients. And, we consistently receive comments from case worksers about how the bikes we donate helped their clients to get to work, achieve freedom, get to school, or be able to do basic errands.

SF Girl on Bike

Organizations We Support

The SVBE is a supporting member of the following organizations.

The California Bicycle Coalition enables more people to bicycle for the health, safety, and prosperity of all Californians.

CBC logo stacked bluebg

The League of American Bicyclists represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, LAB works to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to its members.

league american bicyclists